The Synopsis

Steven, a senior in high school, is trying everything he can to be with Lisa, the most popular girl in school. He has liked Lisa from the first time he met her during freshman year in high school, but never had enough courage, or the confidence to talk to her, and tell her how he feels. He loves Lisa, but does not know how Lisa feels about him.

Since this is the last week of high school, graduation is coming and Steven needs to act fast otherwise he risks losing her. With the assistance of his friends, John, and Eric, they work around the clock to help Steven build up the confidence to talk to Lisa. However, they have an alternative goal in mind. They feel that if they can get Steven in with Lisa, then they will be able to get in with her hot friends. His other two friends, Cliff and Elgardo, do not have the same intentions. They don't agree with Eric and John's tactics in using Steven to get what they want, but they do want Steven to build up the confidence to talk to Lisa, and to let her know how he feels.

Steven has a long fight ahead of him because in order for him to even talk to Lisa, he has to get passed her two popular friends, Taneisha and Maria, who do not care for Steven, or anyone outside of their circle. Janette, Lisa's best friend, is another girl in the circle who, like Taneisha and Maria, does not care for Steven either, but does feel for Lisa. Janette is the only person that Lisa trusts, and will confide in.

Steven later makes the same mistake that most people do when they are in love. They don't know how to be themselves because in the end, if you have confidence in being who you are, and you possess G Love, then you are already loved by family, friends, and most importantly, yourself.